Lime Scented

Wise and esteemed time management experts tell us to begin each day by “eating the frog”. In other words, the phone call you’re dreading, the cluttered drawer which makes you want to chop onions instead, the long overdue apology? Do it first thing in the morning. Then you will be super charged and super motivated the rest of the day, since the thing which was gnawing your insides for weeks is finally done. Obviously, the snappy name of this strategy takes no cognizance of cuisines where frog legs are considered a delicacy, but I digress.

Blinded by the optimistic daze of a new year – I will knit 13 sweaters in 2013! I will sew one office wearable garment each month! I will tackle every NWG in my cupboard! I will exercise! – I did eat my frog a couple of days ago.

I picked up my finished-but-for-pocket-linings Nanook. The frog…

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