by Liselotte Weller

by sigrun

by sigrun



This pattern I’m going to share with you today came to me in a rather round about way, but I have received permission from everyone involved to share it with you here. I mentioned just recently that Terri who used to blog frequently about awesome crochet stuff found this Crocheted Pin Cushion on a website from Denmark, and the pattern is available free on Ravelry. It was written entirely in Danish, by Liselotte who shows some beautiful pictures of her finished pin cushions on her website.

Terri, being the clever and creative person that she is, used the pictures to figure out how to make the pin cushion and wrote down the pattern. She has graciously given her permission to post the pattern here for you to use. Before you do, though, do yourself a favor and take a peek at Liselotte’s pin cushions and at Terri’s too. They will be a great source of inspiration for you!

Crocheted Pin Cushion

Liselotte’s Crocheted Pin Cushion in English, via Terri and me!

Start with magic loop of 6 (video of Magic Loop Method coming shortly!)

NOTE: Do not join rounds. Put a marker or piece of scrap yarn in the first stitch of each round to help keep track.

2 sc in each sc – 12 stitches
*1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * around – 18 stitches
*1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * around – 24 stitches
*1 sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * around – 30 stitches
*1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc* Repeat from * to * around – 36 stitches

Continue increasing in this manner until you have 72 stitches, or until the piece is the size you want it. Make another one in the same manner and the same size.

Join the 2 pieces together at the outside edges, using single crochet with wrong sides together. Before closing up the last 10 stitches or so, stuff pretty firmly with polyester fiberfill, then continue crocheting the opening closed.

Using a doubled piece of yarn, wrap the yarn from the center, around the outside, making pie-shaped wedges spaced evenly around the outside. Pull each one tightly to make the petals puffy. Tie off yarn securely and embellish as you like.

I used re-purposed buttons on the top and bottom of mine. Terri crocheted a little flower for her center. Here are her directions for that:

Start with magic loop of 5 (or how ever many petals you want) Join with sl st to first sc of the 5 sc in your magic loop. In that same st, sc, 3 dc, sc and sl st – 1 petal made. Sl st into next st, sc, 3 dc, sc and sl st – 2 petals made.

Continue around until all petals have been made. Finish with a sl st in the first petal. Attach to center of pin cushion.