This Blog pretends to be a compilation of the best FREE PATTERNS in knitting and crochet that are available on the net, as a quick reference to fellow knitters and crochetters.

As said above, it is meant to be a sort of virtual “note book” with all the best information available structured under “Categories”, and also under “Tags or Labels”.

Every post in this blog has a link to the original post, since the idea is to help fellow knitters and crochetters to study the FREE PATTERNS from the original source.

I do not profit from this compilation work because I have done it for my personal use! I have decided to share it because I have received many requests urging me to do so.

Please note that the FREE PATTERNS included in this blog are Copyright and Trademark of their respective authors. The same applies to all other information which may appear in this blog, such as photos, videos, tutorials or the like,  which are Copyright and Trademark of their respective owners.

LiaKnits does not claim any Copyright whatsoever, since what it only does is a compilation with no economic profit at all.

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